Robotics for everybody

The HOOBOX Robotics, a São Paulo-based company, was founded after the postdoctoral project of Dr. Paulo Gurgel Pinheiro (Co-Founder and CEO) at Brazil’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, State University of Campinas (FEEC / Unicamp). The focus was to study and develop innovative solutions to control a wheelchair.

In 2016, along with Cláudio Pinheiro (co-founder) and Prof. Eleri Cardozo (mentor/consultant), HOOBOX Robotics began developing technology that allows a person to control a wheelchair with simple facial expressions.

HOOBOX is born with the same purpose of most startups: developing and bringing out to the people an innovative solution to solve a problem. The team consists of engineers, scientists and physiotherapists passionate about innovation.

We believe we can take advantage of the best ability of a person to counterpoint to his/her deficiency, not only to improve the mobility and autonomy, but also to enhance the self-esteem.


HOOBOX Robotics has gotten funded by FAPESP (The State Funding Agency of São Paulo State) to deliver both HOOBOX Wheelie and HOOBOX Gimme.

Along with the support of Intel, through the Intel® Software Innovator Program, we believe we can create relevant solutions for the global community.

HOOBOX has emerged from an accessibility project developed at School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, State University of Campinas (FEEC/Unicamp).

The Brazilian Research Institute for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology (BRAINN) is a FAPESP-funded institute that investigates the molecular mechanisms underlying epilepsy and stroke, as well as lesions associated with these diseases.