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HOOBOX Robotics

HOOBOX Robotics, a São Paulo-based company, was founded after the postdoctoral project of Dr. Paulo Gurgel Pinheiro (Co-Founder and CEO) at Brazil’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, State University of Campinas (FEEC / Unicamp). The focus was to study and develop innovative solutions to control a wheelchair.
In 2016, along with Cláudio Pinheiro (co-founder) and Prof. Eleri Cardozo (mentor/consultant), HOOBOX Robotics began developing technology that allows a person to control a wheelchair with simple facial expressions. Today, our team consists of engineers, scientists, doctor and physical therapist passionate about innovation.
We believe we can take advantage of the best ability of a person to counterpoint to his/her deficiency, not only to improve the mobility and autonomy, but also to enhance the self-esteem.

Foundation: May 2016
Location: University of Campinas (UNICAMP) - Rua Bernardo Sayão, 100 sl 206, Campinas-SP-Brazil.

Team Members

John Doe

Paulo Gurgel Pinheiro, Ph.D.


Ph.D. in Robotics (and postdoc in Electrical Engineering), Paulo is expert in Artificial Inteligence and Robotics. He is an innovator developer recognized by the Intel® Software Innovator program.

Josh Clark

Cláudio Gurgel Pinheiro, Eng


Telecom engineer, he is expert in materials science, deep data and smart sensors, and the one responsible for carrying out healthcare experiments and validation.

Mary Jane

Amadeu Junior, Msc


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, he is expert in machine learning, robotics and optimization.

Josh Clark

Dr. Marcondes Junior, Ph.D.

Health Expert

Ph.D. in Neurology (Post-doctoral training in Neurogenetics), Dr. Marcondes is Professor at UNICAMP and chair of the Neuromuscular section, Brazilian Academy of Neurology.

Nix Maxwell

Renata França

User Experience

Physical therapist, she is responsible for the experiments and trials with users. She runs products simulations being responsible for their usability.

Nix Maxwell

Wallace Loos

Senior developer

Master of Science in Computer Science, Wallace is PhD student in Electrical Engineering and expert in Machine Learning and Visual computing.


Mary Jane

Antonio Carlos (Bordeaux) Rego

Business Mentor

Former director of Technology and Innovation of CPqD (Telecommunication Research and Development Center). Bordeaux is expert in business, telecom and planning.

John Doe

Prof. Eleri Cardoso, PhD

Tech Mentor

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Carnegie Mellon University) and expert in Robotics, Dr. Eleri is full professor full professor at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Unicamp.