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    Passion for helping people.
    Campinas - São Paulo - Brazil.

HOOBOX Robotics is a startup founded to develop innovative solutions of assistive robotics to help people.

We believe we can take advantage of the best ability of a person to counterpoint to his/her deficiency, not only to improve the mobility and autonomy, but also to enhance the self-esteem.

We compared technologies developed 10 years ago to technologies today and we noticed that the improvements were not so significant. We accepted the challenge of using our knowledge in assistive robotics to create the next generation of interfaces to drive wheelchairs. These interfaces should not require sensors placed on the user’s body but should have a high efficiency for its application in day to day life.

About us

Wheelie - No Joystick. No Hands. Just Facial Expressions.

How about driving a robotic wheelchair using facial expressions?

Gestures like smile, half smile, sticking tongue out, etc. can be assigned to specific wheelchair movements like move forward, turn left/right, and stop. A 3D camera can detect those facial expressions accurately and maneuver the wheelchair in the desired direction.

For those who may have trouble with facial expressions, Wheelie can also be controlled by head movement. A “kiss” facial expression can activate Wheelie and moving the head forward or back can make Wheelie move in those directions.

If a person is able to speak, the wheelchair can also recognize voice commands. Simple commands like “Move Forward”, “Turn Right” and “Stop”. At present, Wheelie understands commands in English and Portuguese.

If you want to know more about Wheelie: Press Release (English) | Press Release (Portuguese)


HOOBOX Wheelie - Face Controlled Wheelchair.
Wheelchair that can be controlled by facial expressions.
Driving wheelchair using head movements.
Driving wheelchair using facial expressions.
Eye-Tracking to drive wheelchairs.
Voice commands to control wheelchairs.
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