Fully compatible with your smile

The world's first face-controlled wheelchair

The Wheelie

The world's first face-controlled wheelchair

How about driving your wheelchair through facial expressions?
Gestures like smile, kiss, raised eyebrows can be translated into commands like move forward, turn left/right, and stop. The system accurately detects facial expressions, maneuvering the wheelchair in real-time. No body sensor and no training needed, enhancing the autonomy and self-esteem of people with disabilities.
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More than mobility

Comfort and self-esteem. The Wheelie allows people with movement-limiting conditions to have their autonomy back.

9 facial expressions

You can choose 5 from 9 facial expressions available to control the motorized wheelchair.

Kit Wheelie 7

The kit Wheelie 7 comes with all you need to control the wheelchair using facial expressions.

7 minutes setup

The kit only takes 7 minutes to be installed in any motorized wheelchair.

No body sensor

No body sensor involved. No invasive.

No Trainning

Wheelie is fully compatible with your facial expressions with no trainning at all.

Immediate Response

Real-time facial analysis with high precision.

What comes inside the Kit

Kit Wheelie 7 only takes 7 minutes to be installed.

Buy Kit Wheelie 7 Now!
  • 'The Wheelie' software last version
  • Electrical accessories
  • Camera gooseneck
  • Instructions manual

HOOBOX Robotics

Using 3D technology and Artificial Inteligence, HOOBOX creates systems for monitoring people and detecting their behaviours in health, transportation, security and retail sectors.

We believe we can take advantage of the best ability of a person to counterpoint to his/her deficiency, not only to improve the mobility and autonomy, but also to enhance the self-esteem.

To develop 'The Wheelie' we had to create the next generation facial analysis capable of detecting facial expressions more accurately. The precision was so high that we start to detect human behavior, like tiredness, drowsiness, drunkenness, sadness, spasms and even know when a person will sneeze before sneezing!

More about us
HOOBOX technology for Health, Retail, Security and Transportation. Soon


Media Kit

Pictures, videos, and logos for press or publishing companies.

Gimme, the Gripper.

A Joystick is a great interface, but not for everyone. Driving an electric powered wheelchair with hands is not always possible. In such cases, a robotic wheelchair with onboard computers providing hands-free interface is required. Well, at least so far. Gimme can robotize with just one piece an electric wheelchair.
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Health, Transportation, Security and Retail

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